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Visual Art by Linde Kauert
Those among us who believe that everything in the universe is somehow interconnected are those who look upon the images Linde Kauert creates from the only suitable perspective. By immersing ourselves in them, we can gaze into the constant cycle in which art moves, transforms, shifts, and burst forth in song, sentence, poem...or various visions.
As they wind their way through the artist's labyrinth of the soul, things read or experienced take on features of altered dimensions, be it in bodies, shapes, faces, colors...light in various forms...signs and symbols come to life! ... This method confronts fear, distress, and the transience of time while offering tokens of hope, dreams, and love.
Linde Kauert's works are freely associated creations with their own expressive quality and a self-determined intent that broadens each text she takes in, opening up new dimensions in the process. (Link zu: Bilder zur Literatur)
In her painted works, Kauert maneuvers within a mantle of color and uses free compositions to draw the initially unseen into the realm of the discernible. The scenes she assembles appear to have a narrative dimension at first glance, but they take on a layer of iconography and symbolism upon further examination. In a rich and varied interplay of dovetailed lines and colored shapes, these two aspects intertwine to form a complex visual structure.
Meanwhile, Kauert hardly shies away from using bold colors, contrasts that are at times jarring, willful overlays of paint, unusual forms, and daring juxtapositions. (Link zu: Freie Malerei)

(Excerpt of a speech given by Günther H.W. Preuße to mark the vernissage of the exhibit BILDER ZUR LITERATUR in March 2009 and other laudations by Dr. Brigitte Hammer in 2006 and 2014)

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