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Services I Offer

ŽAll of my literary illustrations and paintings can be purchased (both as original works and art prints) to your particular specifications. All of the products offered by the artists' publishing house Edition ZWIEFACH are also for sale.   

ŽI'm more than happy to create paintings and drawings based on texts from other publishers, as well.

ŽIs there a particular poem that you love? Or perhaps a congratulatory message, an old saying, a short personal text, or a literary passage you'd like to have transformed into a special design?
My colleagues and I look forward to hearing from you...

- One of my particular skills as a literary illustrator involves immersing myself in texts. As I read them, I let the words find their place within me and allow them to swell until they begin to sing. This serves as the basis for my freely associated visual works.
- Your special text will then be realized by an expert metal typesetter.
- The calligraphical implementation will be performed by a guest calligraphist.

Interested? Feel free to get in touch here.
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